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Roschel Dizon

Roschel Dizon

Roschel Dizon

Roschel Dizon

Roschel Dizon

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Capstone + More

Strategic MarketingPlan


During my esteemed college education, I engaged in numerous marketing-related projects to enhance my comprehension of research, strategy, analysis, and the execution of business/marketing plans and campaigns. These projects serve as examples of the knowledge and skills I've acquired through my educational journey.

Created a Strategic Marketing Plan beginning with an internal analysis of the company, and ending with a financial balance sheet to meet the financial goals of the company.

  • Analyzed trends
  • Evaluated Competitor
  • Created Tables/Graphics
  • Developed a Target portfolio
  • Created a Financial Balance sheet

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Global MarketingProject


  • Market Analysis
  • Targeting
  • Global marketing strategies and tactics
  • Analytics and insights

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Case Study

  • Business Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Market Research
  • Rebranding

Before + After

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Marketing Venture

  • Conducted market research through customer interviews, surveys, and field trials
  • Collected and analyzed data
  • Came up with a business plan


Leadership Project

  • Fundamentals of Leadership project
  • Attributes of a good leader
  • Foundational values of a good leader


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Roschel Dizon