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Roschel Dizon

Roschel Dizon

Roschel Dizon

Roschel Dizon

Roschel Dizon

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Current Role

In my capacity as Marketing Coordinator at AWFS®, I have undertaken a multitude of projects, assuming sole responsibility for all marketing initiatives within the company. While currently managing various ongoing projects concurrently, I have gained a significant depth of experience in a relatively short timeframe. Below, I present examples of projects completed since assuming this role in May 2023, three months prior to our most recent trade show.


Social Media

Additonally used & currently using Influencer Marketing Strategies to reach larger audiences.

Engagement & Follower Increase

May 5th - August 1st, 2023

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Currently at 3,586 IG Followers

  • (45.9% Increase)
  • 15,067 Accounts Reached
    • 13.2k Accounts being Non-Followers
  • 187,133 Impressions
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  • 13.8k Reach (684% Increase)
  • 5.8k Page & Profile Visits (377% Increase)
  • 144 Page Likes (454% Increase)
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  • 429 New Followers (254.5% Increase)
  • 1,071 Unique Visitors (533.7% Increase)
  • 2,221 Page Views (551.3% Increase)


Graphic Design

All graphic designs created through platforms such as Adobe Softwares, and Canva

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Email Marketing

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Created high opening Email Marketing campaigns that inlcuded geographic targeting to reach prospective attendees, exhibitors, members, and more.

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Currently in the process of updating both website interfaces to give it a cleaner and modern look, and allowing mobile friendly interfaces. While simulatneosuly capturing leads through interactions within our website. Also prioritizing SEO and Security maintence



Marketing Campaign Development

I developed comprehensive Marketing Campaign Brand Boards, Mockups, Logos, and other materials to encapsulate the aesthetic and essence of our upcoming event. These assets seamlessly integrate various elements and themes of our show, resulting in a cohesive and meticulously planned campaign appearance.

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I produced multiple press releases for diverse media outlets to promote our industry advancements, brand initiatives, and more. Access the full releases via the linked buttons below.


Marketing Research & Analysis



Roschel Dizon